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Did you know I use essential oils?

It's true! I use essential oils combining with Chinese medicine theory; it's as exciting as it sounds!

Using the oils in blends and singles on acupuncture points (and inhalation techniques) helps strengthen the direction of treatment in a mental/physical, and spiritual way. We have a profound connection to scent, and in knowing the theory, I can help clients release stuck emotions/trauma that they know or do not know they have in hopes that the body can become balanced again and the symptoms subside.

'Medicine is the art of paying attention to the body.'

Essential oils (and herbal medicine) have taught me that we can flow with the ups and downs of our health if we can harness the power of "stopping to smell the roses" and take time to be where we are rather than trying to ignore or run from something that doesn't seem to want to change. Trusting that nature can nourish you back to health even when you are in crisis - that a simple smell can calm your nervous system down enough to process and truly learn and move on, thus stopping a symptom causing you grief.

"Our ability to heal is directly related to learning how we want and need to heal."

We are all different, and if we allow our intuition to shine we could thrive more and suffer less when our health fluctuates. For example, lavender can calm someone down but stimulate someone else, healing is not a one-size-fits approach, and I challenge you to question anyone or health system telling you anything different. We must all get to know who we are when we are in crisis to articulate what we need to thrive. This is the beauty of plant medicine, as there is always something for everyone to utilize to achieve flow in life. This is what drew me to essential oils years ago - customize medicine.

Today's essential oil blend: Calm the Shen (Shen = vitality of Spirit, Mind & Body)

  • Bergamont: cools and calms the mind, the Heart and Liver Fire

  • Lavender: cools the Heart and Liver Fire, balances and uplifts Spikenard's downward nature (EO below)

  • Geranium: cools the Heart, Liver Fire and nourishes Yin

  • Spikenard: cools the Heart, Liver Fire and descends Qi (strong)

Acupuncture/ Acupressure points:

REN17, Pericardium 8, Liver 3, Kidney 3, DU14

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