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Nhu Tran, Owner Ann Wellness, PEI

"I had a deep sleep night after 1st session done. My skin is glowy and bright after the 2nd one as well as feeling of the heat inside body released. I knew the ancient therapy of oriental cultures seem never be forgotten thanks to so many benefits toward beauty and general health. Really enjoy uncounted benefits from this practice with Melanie Snell at Soul Lux Glow. Highly recommend!"


"I was nervous, but she has a very calming personality and lets you know you are in full control. Very knowledgeable and gentle. Highly recommend."

Lisa T

"Everytime I receive a treatment I can't believe how great I feel. You not only get the benefits of acupuncture with Melanie you also get an incredable amount of informtation on how to live your best life. I look forward to chatting with her everytime." 
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