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Celebrating the small wins in our day to day...

Society pressures us into thinking that we are not doing enough...and this isn't true. The meaning of life is not to burn the candle at both ends but to create the life you want...the life that fills your cup.

Imagine what life would be like if you felt pride in the little things you accomplish every day, this is the level of positive energy we need to sustain in today's crazy world.

By cultivating a grateful heart and learning to slow down, we can ease the body, mind and soul out of dis-ease and into a flow that sways back and forth like the wind in the trees.

If no one is telling you how great you are doing, I am here shouting it from the rooftops. I love that you finished that book, put on something other than your pj's, ate healthy all week, and took that shower even when you didn't have the energy; GOOD FOR YOU!

It all matters and deserves to be seen, heard and honoured.

Go slow, smile and if your heart needs it to have a little's your permission to let go.

Melanie xo

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