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6 Warning Signs of Mental & Emotional Exhaustion

  1. No motivation to do anything

  2. Easily irritated

  3. Anxiety or panic attacks

  4. You feel empty

  5. Trouble sleeping

  6. Can't find pleasure in anything

At this point, anyone feeling this way needs to take time out from their current routine, even for a day. Going out in nature and putting your bare feet on the earth is probably one of the best things we can do for our bodies, and even better, putting them in the ocean (perks for living on PEI). This practice called earthing or grounding relies on electrical charges from the earth that can have positive effects on your body.

I will include a link to this website with grounding products that has a lot of great information on this practice -

Another way you can nourish your body and allow your nervous system to calm down is through breathing techniques. I highly recommend doing an online series or course because you can revisit this important practice whenever you need it.

Programs I recommend:

You can also use binary beats and sound therapy to help re-balance your nervous system.


Using essential oils! One of the most used therapies in my day-to-day, for example, I am using a roller blend today called 'Hormone Synergy' to balance out my hormonal system and calm my nervous system leading up to my period, and I also have an EO inhaler called 'Focus & Lift' to keep me in line today (haha), while I am treating clients. These are homemade blends I make (and yes, I hear you all, and a product line is coming soon).

Here are a few oils for calming the nervous system and lifting the spirits:

  • Lavender - comfort/ relaxation (if you are on the colder side or deficient, I would hold off)

  • Any orange EO - lift the spirit, ease anxiety

  • Cedarwood - ground

  • Basil - uplift the spirit, ease depression/sadness

  • Myrtle - overwork - trying to keep up with the world

  • Spruce - chronic fatigue

Acupuncture is a very nourishing ally in your healthcare routine. It helps to balance deficiencies and excesses, calms the mind, body and spirit, improves sleep, nourishes blood and body systems and stops pain. Most people report feeling much better after just one session, but I recommend going a few times within a shorter period. Permit yourself to get some self-care.

We can't forget bodywork; including massage, energy work like Reiki or treatments like craniosacral therapy. All these help balance the energies of the body and clear blocks causing you issues, not to mention stop pain and help you sleep. I offer acupuncture and Reiki together in a session because it is so powerful to get the nervous system to calm down.

Last but not least - nutrition, supplements and herbal helpers.

When we are not feeling our best, we tend towards either not eating enough or overeating (usually things that give us quick emotional highs like sugar). And that's ok once in a while; we must be kind to ourselves in times of crisis. I will say that if you can catch yourself before going off the deep end with food, you will have an easier time coming out of whatever emotional crisis is happening.

Food tips:

  • Choose easy-to-digest foods that do not take a lot of prep - like soup but pair with a good fat like avocado or hemp seeds.

  • Never skip breakfast; even a nutrient-dense shake is better than nothing. I like the shakes from North Coast Naturals or cook a couple of day's worth of congee (see my blog)

  • Eat bananas - In addition to tryptophan, it also contains a lot of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5 and C and is, therefore, a healthy mood-enhancer. It is ripe when the peel is covered with black dots, do not eat green. The high amount of magnesium also has an antispasmodic effect and calms the nervous system.

  • Dark chocolate - need I say more?

  • Avocado - It is rich in healthy, simple fatty acids, which our body uses to produce hormones and can therefore bring the entire hormone system into balance if consumed regularly. As soon as the peel gives way to pressure, it is ripe and edible.

  • Dates - (only 5 a day) High concentration of trace elements, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Not only does your happiness benefit from the contained tryptophan. If dates are eaten in the evening, they contribute to a night of deeper and generally better sleep. This makes them the perfect alternative to unhealthy sweets because, unlike chocolate, they hardly contain any fat.

  • Try not to eat past 8 pm as your digestive system will be working hard,, making it difficult to sleep efficiently

Supplement/herbal suggestions:

  • Magnesium - read my blog for more information

  • Ashwagandha - Helps increase resistance to stress/anxiety

  • Reishi - adaptogen supports immune health, vitality, and relaxation

  • Vitality Relax+ - provide fast relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia and interrupted sleep. Use, as needed, during the day or at night, to gently calm your mind, nerves and body.

  • Pascoe Neurapas Balance - helps to promote a healthy, balanced mood.

  • Probiotic for mood - the gut is our second brain.

  • Greens powder - support the gut and get vital nutrition for balance

  • Tea (there are so many great herbal teas)

You got this! Get on that self-care, nourish the heck outta yourself train.

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